Customer Service

The customer experience we try and create for everyone is very important to us. We have spent over 35 years focusing on washing one car at a time and treating everyone like they are the only customer here today. Our customers have come to expect a high quality, hand crafted car wash with plenty of personal attention. Sometimes we exceed your expectations, sometimes we merely meet your expectations and unfortunately sometimes we fail to meet your expectations altogether.

Whatever your experience was, we want to hear about it. Feel free to simply drop us a line in our e-mail box and we will reply if you request it or if you have a customer service matter that requires immediate attention you can call the CEO of the company. Either way, please know that we value you as a customer and we appreciate the time it takes to provide us with valuable feedback.

ONESTOPSERVICE takes care of your car and preserves its value by using gentle, environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning detergents & And if you love having a clean car all the time, you'll love our Wash Club that will save you time and money. Wash Green. Drive Clean.

Choose one of our three plans, and the Membership card automatically loads your Royal Wash package when you drive up. No pushy salesperson, no waiting, and absolutely no tipping allowed, because it’s always our pleasure to serve you. It CLEANS, POLISHES and WAXES your vehicle all at once. Its anti-static property also prevents dust particles from being attracted to the car after washing.

“The innovators of one stop service for your complete satisfaction. We come to you at your home or office.”